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Winter Wellness – Brochure & Calendar in one

Here’s a new piece we did for UCSB’s department of Health & Wellness. It’s Winter session, so we went with a wintery sort of landscape (Southern California style), and focused on the healthy activity of cycling, which is a very big part of campus life for students. This is a folded brochure with information about their programs, but also can fold open to be a large poster which hangs up on your dorm wall so you can stay current with all of the events. Printed on Finch Fine uncoated paper and featuring the Becky typeface.


New Exhibition Catalog is Our Biggest Ever

Very happy to announce the publication of our largest book project to date, and it’s one that looks very different from any of our other designs. This one is very 19th Century in appearance, a cue taken from the artwork in the exhibition Barbizon, Realism & Impressionism in France at the Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum of Art. A very challenging project, in which we had to create a contemporary and attention-getting design with traits of historical 19th-Century aesthetics. The bright orange and gold foil endpapers and the bright orange bands at the top and bottom of the binding are particularly nice details. Cloth bound with a tip-on image and gold foil printing, encased in a slipcase that is also cloth bound and printed with gold foil.

Available for purchase from

Mock-up image of Westmont Museum of Art Publication 2016
Mock-up image of Westmont Museum of Art Publication 2016